Thursday, May 18, 2023 – The Indonesian Literature Study Program carried out activities in the form of developing student competencies with the theme of Literature and Entrepreneurship. The activity took place from 07.00 to 14.00 at the Omah Padma Culture House in Purwodadi District in Pasuruan Regency where the place is truly a village theme far from the city. Together with 30 Indonesian literature students from various batches, the Head of Indonesian literature Study Program and Secretary of Indonesian literature Study Program as well as Indonesian literature lecturers attended the event.

The activity was opened by the host and continued with remarks from the Head of the Indonesian Literature Department. At the core of the event which was interspersed with various snacks and drinks, the resource person as well as the inventor and founder of the Omah Padma Cultural House, namely Wina Bojonegoro, greeted students by sparking questions such as what is the motivation for studying Indonesian Literature at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya campus. She also triggered students and lecturers to create poetry stanzas using the diction of kesiur, senja, and semampai to prove that they really deserve to be in the study program. Some Indonesian literature students managed to show the results of their writing and of course amazed the speakers because they were able to create a stanza of poetry with full of fresh inspiration and in neat spontaneity.

Furthermore, the speaker shared the story of how Omah Padma, which consists of Padma Media, Padma Tour, and Omah Padma Cultural House, was established, run, and maintained. After the speaker shared the history of his career journey in the middle of the cool weather, he gave a conclusion that a writer or activist of literature, arts, and culture can develop an entrepreneurship based on that field.

In the discussion session, several Indonesian literature students asked about the relationship between literary works and the entrepreneurial spirit. Departing from the spirit and dreams of childhood, Wina Bojonegoro succeeded in realizing Community Development in the Omah Padma area, Padma Media in the scope of writing, and Padma Tour. Each of these areas is open to Indonesian Literature students in developing academic and non-academic abilities. For example, Indonesian literature students want to do an internship, then the Omah Padma Culture House will be happy to accept.
The entrepreneurial spirit instilled in Omah Padma can be one of the doors for students to deepen their fighting power and creativity so that the literary works produced can have material value.

The activity, which was decorated with various green plants in the destination, was closed with the signing of an MoU between the Omah Padma Culture House and the Indonesian Literature Study Program. This aims to expand cooperation in order to improve student competence.