Friday (12/05/2023) – The Indonesian Literature Study Program of UIN Sunan Ampel held a NGOBRAL Seminar (Ngobrol Bareng Alumni) which was held via Zoom Meeting. In this seminar, the speakers dissected the theater script that will be performed in June. Two theater scripts entitled “People at the Bend of the Road” and “Strangers”, each of which script review material was delivered by directors from Group 1 and Group 2, as well as one representative from the 2019 Alumni class.

Not only technical theater procedures but also important points for a successful performance were also discussed in this event. Nuzurul Rochmah as a Indonesian Literature Study Program Student and director of group 2 said that there had been no coordination between classes (A and B semester 6) regarding the technical and needs of the performance, even though there was only 1 month left before stepping on the D-day. “So there has been no coordination or chat together with those from class B about lighting, stage equipment, or the arrangement and concept of the event,” said Nuzurul.

“Because the course schedules are not the same and there have been several online lectures, we haven’t found the right time to discuss,” she added.

Knowing this, the Alumni represented by Nurul Rahmawati immediately responded to the problems that occurred, “Communication and coordination are the main keys in the performance. For example, for the rental of lighting or equipment supporting the performance, it can be shared with the next class, so it can reduce the funds so that it is not too large. Things like this must be immediately negotiated together, so as not to cause big problems later.”

She also advised on the importance of suggestions from all members, “Although there is already a director who organizes the performance and the actors, suggestions from other members are also very necessary for the success of this performance. Not all directors, members must also be active in giving criticism and suggestions, but not exceeding the authority of the director,” she said.

The advice above is a lesson as well as a criticism for students not to underestimate and procrastinate to complete the interests for the performance, and prevent obstacles and unwanted problems when the performance takes place.