UINSA Newsroom, Friday (24/11/2023); Awardees from the New Generation of Bank Indonesia (GENBI) at UIN Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Surabaya held the event GENBI Inspiring Insight and Growth for Better Impact Meeting (G-INSIGHT) at the Bank Indonesia Library in Surabaya (18/11). The agenda aimed to evaluate work programs, the activity of awardees, and to appreciate high-achieving GENBI awardees. Additionally, this G-INSIGHT event included an additional agenda, the Inauguration of the Brand Ambassador of GENBI UINSA Surabaya.

G-INSIGHT was attended by all awardees from GENBI UINSA Surabaya. The event began with an opening speech by the Executive Chairman, followed by the Chairman of GENBI UINSA Surabaya. The Chairman touched on several points, emphasizing that halfway through the period, awardees should not quickly become satisfied and lose their enthusiasm.

“So, we must immediately cultivate the spirit and commitment at the beginning of the period. Then, I hope that friends can create a sense of family in GENBI because I still see that among awardees, there is a lack of familiarity with each other,” said Dimas Suryo, the Chairman of GENBI UINSA Surabaya.

Through this advice, it is hoped that awardees will continue to improve their achievements and enthusiasm in their learning process. They are encouraged not only to be successful students for themselves but also to bring benefits to others.

During the G-INSIGHT event, GENBI also showed appreciation for the high-achieving awardee, Hidayat Danu Romadhon. Danu had won a video-making competition with the theme of lifestyle. Besides that, Danu was also active in various GENBI activities both internally and externally.

“Of course, I am very proud to be chosen as the best participant. This is also thanks to the support from many parties, the Daily Board (DPH), and my colleagues who always encourage me to be better. I also have a message for everyone; I hope all awardees can be more motivated to compete in improving their activity and the spirit to achieve,” said Hidayat Danu Romadhon.

As part of the G-INSIGHT activities, there was also the inauguration of GENBI’s brand ambassadors (BA). Four individuals selected as BAs will become icons to interpret GENBI UINSA Surabaya. Many expectations are placed on BAs to create various achievements and to promote various activities of BI and GENBI.

The event concluded with a gift exchange, hoping to internalize the expressions of love and care for each other. Through the gifts brought by awardees, it is hoped that they can cultivate the habit of appreciating the small actions taken by their friends.

Author: Balgis Bachmisd
Photo: Jihad
Editor: Nur Hayati