FPK and Surabaya City Government Hold a Meeting to Discuss Collaboration Plans

Surabaya, (19/10/2023) – Holding a meeting to discuss cooperation plans is the first step for the Faculty of Psychology and Health (FPK) to expand its network with the Surabaya City Government. The meeting, which took place in the Legal and Cooperation Section Meeting Room, precisely on Jalan Taman Surya Number 1 Surabaya, aimed to establish cooperation with several related Regional Apparatus.

Attended by the Dean of FPK, Dr. Phil. Khoirun Ni’am together with a number of important staff members, including:

  1. Regional Development Planning, Research and Development Agency;
  2. Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency;
  3. National and Political Unity Agency;
  4. Public health Office;
  5. Department of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning;
  6. Department of Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services;
  7. Legal and Cooperation Section;                                                                                                              The meeting held this afternoon explained FPK’s determination to establish cooperative activities with several related regional apparatuses, including the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Services as well as Population Control and Family Planning, Health Services, Social Services, Food Security and Agriculture Services. Not only that, the Department of Education, the Department of Industry and Manpower and the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives and Trade also participated.

The preparation of the Cooperation Concept will be put on the agenda by the Legal and Cooperation Section if the details of the activities that will be discussed by the FPK and the Related Services have been completely discussed. This collaborative effort carried out by FPK is the first step to make FPK a Faculty that prioritizes collaboration in order to create activities that not only have an internal impact on the Faculty, but also impact the wider community.

Writer: M. Ata Zaidan Taufiqi
Editor: Muhamad Sangaji