National Santri Day, 3rd Semester Nutrition Study Program Students Also Participate Even though It is Simultaneously with Practicum

Gunung Anyar, Surabaya – (20/10/2023) Students of the 3rd semester Nutrition Study Program at the Faculty of Psychology and Health enthusiastically participated in santri day by wearing typical santri-style clothing, namely robes for female students and sarongs and caps for students. To be precise, Friday, October 20 2023 in the culinary lab on the 5th floor of the Faculty of Psychology and Health. On that day they also carried out culinary dietetic cooking practicum for the first time, namely the introduction and preparation of various kinds of sauces and basic spices.

The FPK UINSA nutrition study program not only studies balanced nutrition in material terms, but there is also direct practicum in making food that has good nutritional content for the human body. So, as a start, there was a practical practice in making sauces and basic seasonings because these are the two things that need to be considered before cooking a food. Of course, there are many things that must be considered, starting from the quality of the ingredients, how to process it, the taste, and most importantly whether it meets the required nutritional standards.

There’s something interesting about cooking, because this 3rd semester nutrition students are wearing typical santri clothing for their practicum. Initially the students did not agree with the reasons, “oh it must be complicated to cook in a robe” or “how nice is it to cook in a sarong”. But in fact no, the cooking practicum still ran smoothly and there were no obstacles. After all the basic spices and sauces were made, the students creatively used these spices to cook various kinds of food. For example, from red basic spices you can cook fried eggs balado, from yellow basic spices you can make curry, and bechamel sauce is cooked beautifully into spaghetti carbonara. The students certainly cook happily because after cooking, they can eat the results of their cooking together.

Writer: Najwa Laska Halqi