Penerbitan Buku


Penulis : A. Dzo’ul Milal

Editor : M. Yusuf

Desain Sampul : Ucup

Layouter : Hotimah Novitasari

Ukuran : 14,8 x 21 cm

Hlm : x + 149 hal

ISBN : Proses

Penerbit : The UINSA Press

The book deals with the classroom English language teaching and learning process focusing on English Language Teaching (ELT). Since the main purpose is maximizing the effectiveness of that ELT process, the writer suggests one keyword, i.e. practicality. Because the teaching and learning process covers several components: human resources (teacher and students), teaching materials, classroom management, teaching strategies (methods, techniques, and activities), and interactional processes, all those components are discussed under the heading of practicality. The language instruction system encompasses the teaching materials, the classroom management, the teaching strategies, and the evaluation system. The materials refer to what is to be presented by the teacher and to be learned by the learners. Classroom management denotes the aspect of the teacher’s establishment of the learning condition in which the learning is expected to happen effectively. The strategies include methods, techniques, and activities referring to how the teacher presents and the learners learn the materials. Evaluation is an activity to gain information about the extent of a student’s achievement of the learning objectives.