Taking place at the Sunan Ampel State Islamic University (UIN) Auditorium, Surabaya, the “BUMN Goes To Campus” event was a great success, with high enthusiasm from students. This event was held in order to open students’ insight into the corporate world, especially state-owned enterprises (BUMN).

The event, which took place on September 8, 2023, was attended by various representatives from well-known BUMNs in Indonesia. They presented various interesting material related to the latest developments in the BUMN industry as well as career opportunities available for graduates.

This event was designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the strategic role of BUMN in the national economy as well as broaden students’ knowledge about various industrial sectors run by BUMN.

Apart from presentation sessions from BUMN representatives, this event also provided an interactive question and answer session that allowed students to interact directly with industry experts. This provides an opportunity for students to gain deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities that exist in the corporate world.

Prof. Ah. Muzakki, M.Ag, Grad.Dip.SEA., M.Phil., Ph.D, the Rector of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, expressed his appreciation for holding this event in his speech. He hoped that events like this will continue to be held to provide students with better insight into the potential and role of BUMN in state development.

The “BUMN Goes To Campus” event at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya was also supported by various parties. Participants were given the opportunity to visit exhibition stands, which introduced various activities and products from BUMN participating in this event.

With high enthusiasm from students and positive responses from BUMN representatives, this event was considered a great success in opening a new window for UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya students to learn more about the corporate world, especially within the BUMN environment. We hope that events like this can continue to be held to support the development of quality human resources that are ready to compete in the industrial world.