The State Islamic University (UIN) of Sunan Ampel Surabaya has announced a number of strategic projects that will be implemented in order to welcome the year of 2023. These projects are carried out with the theme “Excellent Accreditation and World Ranking” by improving the quality of education, research, and services to students as well as the general public.

One of the biggest projects to be implemented by the State Islamic University (UIN) of Sunan Ampel is the construction of a new building that will be used as a center for technology and innovation development. This building will be equipped with modern facilities such as research laboratories, collaboration spaces, and a technology application development center. With this building, it is hoped that UIN Sunan Ampel can be more active in contributing to the development of technology and innovation in Indonesia.

Apart from that, UIN Sunan Ampel will also expand the scholarship program for outstanding students. This scholarship program will cover various fields of study and will help financially disadvantaged students pursue higher education. UIN Sunan Ampel is committed to increasing the accessibility of quality higher education for all levels of society.

Another strategic project that will be implemented by UIN Sunan Ampel is improving learning support facilities, including a more modern and complete library as well as independent learning centers equipped with the latest technology. This is expected to improve students’ learning experiences and help them achieve their best academic potential.

Then there is the International Cooperation Program: This university will continue to develop international collaboration with other universities and educational institutions to increase the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The Rector of the State Islamic University (UIN) of Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Prof. Akh. Muzakki, M.Ag, Grad.Dip.SEA, M.Phil, Ph.D, stated, “These strategic projects are a form of our commitment to continue to improve the quality of education and contribution of UIN Sunan Ampel to society. We believe that by implementing these projects, we can better prepare a competent and highly competitive generation of young people.”

These strategic projects will be a big boost for UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya in achieving its vision and mission of producing quality graduates, contributing to the development of science, and serving society well. This university will continue to work hard to make itself one of the leading educational institutions in Indonesia and the world.

With strong enthusiasm and support from all parties, it is hoped that these projects will become important milestones in UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya’s journey towards a brighter future.

Author: SKh