In everyday life, we often hear or are so familiar with the concepts and strategies which are used in term of worldly or material matters, such as trading in the financial markets. However, can we also use the same approach or strategy in seeking blessings in the month of Ramadan, especially reaching the night of Lailatul Qadr, a night filled with mercy and forgiveness from Allah SWT? However, before delving further into the link between scalping strategy and the night of Lailatul Qadr, we should understand the concept and strategy of scalping at first.

What is Scalping?

Scalping is a strategy typically used by traders (stockbrokers) to open and close trading positions in a short period of time, often within minutes or hours. At its most extreme, it can be done in a matter of a few seconds. The main objective of scalping is to profit from periodic price movements in the trading markets.

Scalping as a Strategy

The scalping trading strategy involves using very short price charts, such as second, minute, or hour charts. Traders who are using the scalping strategy will look for profit opportunities by using technical indicators or price patterns to enter and exit the market quickly.

Terms of Using Scalping

This scalping strategy cannot be done unprepared or on a whim. On the contrary, there are some important things that must be prepared and taken care of. Among these are i) a stable internet connection; a stable internet connection is necessary because scalping involves fast execution of trades, a stable internet connection is essential to ensure no delays in trade execution, ii) a fast trading platform; a fast and reliable trading platform is required by traders as a fast and reliable trading platform will greatly help scalping traders to enter and exit the trading market quickly and in a timely manner, iii) deep understanding of the trading market; scalping traders need a deep understanding of the markets being traded and how prices move in relatively very short or short time frames, and iv) strict risk management: Traders must have the ability to manage or perform fairly strict risk management because trading with this scalping strategy involves many trades in a short period of time. Thus, strict risk management can protect trading capital from large losses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scalping Strategy

The use of scalping strategy in trading has two sides: the advantage  and the disadvantage. The advantages of scalping strategy are i) potential for quick profits; scalping strategy allows traders to make quick profits from trading price movements, ii) possibility to avoid big risks: scalping strategy can help traders to avoid big risks that may occur if the ‘goods’ position is held for a longer period of time, iii) time flexibility: scalping strategy can be done at any time as long as trading hours are still not closed, even crypto currency trading does not recognize closing hours, days, months and years, thus allowing traders to participate in the market always flexibly, and iv) opportunity to make consistent profits: traders can make consistent profits by using scalping strategies in a strict and disciplined manner, whereas, the disadvantages of scalping strategies are i) high stress; this stress arises because scalping strategies require high focus and discipline, as well as monitoring the market constantly, so this strategy can cause high levels of stress for traders; ii) high transaction costs: transaction costs such as spreads and commissions can accumulate and reduce profits earned due to the large number of trades made in scalping strategies, iii) dependence on small volatility: scalping strategies are usually effective in highly volatile market conditions, making it difficult to apply in less volatile market conditions, and iv) over trading tendencies: scalping strategies can encourage over trading tendencies, where traders tend to open too many positions without careful planning.

Lailatul Qadr

Lailatul Qadr (night of glory) is a very special night in Islam. This night is given great virtue by Allah SWT. In Ramadan, especially in the last ten nights, there is one night that is better than a thousand months, namely Lailatul Qadr. This night can be said to be a form of victory, because not every fasting person can get it or achieve it, even though they have been fasting Ramadan from year to year. In other words, Lailatul Qadr is an extraordinary night of victory, which is expected and coveted by every muslim.

The Virtues of Lailatul Qadr

As mentioned earlier, Lailatul Qadr is a night that is very different from other nights. The difference between Lailatul Qadr and other nights is not because this night is filled with badness or ugliness; on the contrary, this night is longed for and dreamed of by every Muslim because i) of its specialty; Lailatul Qadr is the night in which the Qur’an is revealed as a guide for mankind, so that this night is considered better than a thousand months, ii) as the best moment in worship; Lailatul Qadr is an excellent time to worship Allah SWT solemnly, pray, read the Qur’an, do ikhtikaf in the mosque, and do other good deeds, iii) the night full of grace and forgiveness: this night is a night full of grace, forgiveness, and mercy of Allah SWT. so, whoever gets this night and worship seriously, then he will get forgiveness and mercy from Allah SWT.

Requirements for Achieving Lailatul Qadr

Getting Lailatul Qadr is a gift and great fortune for Muslims. Although this night is a night full of blessings, not everyone can get it. The scholars at least provide criteria or conditions that are quite strict to get or achieve Lailatul Qadr. The conditions are at least: i) having strong faith; strong faith is the main prerequisite for someone to get Lailatul Qadr. In other words, someone who hopes to get Lailatul Qadr, he must at least have a firm belief in the teachings of Islam and the greatness of Allah SWT, ii) fear Allah; piety to Allah is the attitude of the heart that is required in getting Lailatul Qadr Qadar. Piety includes avoiding all of Allah’s prohibitions and doing all of His commands sincerely and consistently, iii) worshiping solemnly; someone who wants to get Lailatul Qadr must worship solemnly and earnestly such as prayer, dhikr, prayer, reading the Qur’an, and other acts of worship, iv) praying seriously; This means that a person who wants to achieve Lailatul Qadr is required to pray or ask Allah seriously, full of sincerity and confidence so that he is given blessings and blessings, v) avoid sin and disobedience; this requirement requires a person to stay away from all forms of sin and disobedience if he wants to expect Lailatul Qadr. In other words, living in obedience to Allah and avoiding all forms of His prohibitions is an important requirement in approaching the night of Lailatul Qadr, vi) trusting in Allah; tawakal is one of the important conditions in getting Lailatul Qadr. Tawakal is the attitude of a person’s heart that entrusts all affairs to Allah SWT alone. A person who trusts in Allah SWT will feel calm and resigned in living life, so that he can approach and hope for Lailatul Qadr to descend with a calm and spacious heart, vii) use time well; someone who wants to get Lailatul Qadr must make good use of time, especially in the last 10 days of Ramadan. He is required to fill his time with worship, dhikr, and multiply good deeds to increase the chances of getting Lailatul Qadr, and viii) pure intention; pure and sincere intention is an important requirement in getting Lailatul Qadar. This means that all forms of worship performed must be solely for the pleasure of Allah SWT and get His reward alone.

Is it Possible to Achieve Lailatul Qadr with Scalping Strategy?

In this context, can we use scalping-style methods or strategies to get Lailatul Qadr? The answer is yes, we can use scalping or similar strategies to scalping in achieving the blessings and glory of the night of Lailatul Qadr. However, the important thing to understand and remember is the patterns of action that are fast, efficient, focused and so on in worship during the month of Ramadan. In other words, the scalping strategy can be used to achieve Lailatul Qadr by i) taking a fast and focused approach; meaning that we must continue fasting while keeping an eye on the movement of the fasting days of Ramadan and the signs of the appearance of Lailatul Qadr and remain focused on doing good and kindness, ii) utilizing every opportunity in the nights of Ramadan to do good deeds quickly and efficiently, so that we can get the blessings and glory of Lailatul Qadr in a short time, iii) doing a variety of religious practices that we can do during the nights marked as the night of Lailatul Qadr such as performing night prayers, dhikr, prayers, iktikaf, reading the Qur’an, giving alms, and other good deeds, iv) utilizing every opportunity available during the nights of Ramadan, including utilizing every available moment to worship, pray, and ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT, and v) be disciplined and have istiqomah in worship and have the patience to continue doing good deeds without despair during the last 10 days of Ramadan in particular.

Thus, although conceptually scalping is usually used in the world of stock trading, crypto or the like, we can also use it or strategies similar to scalping – its characteristics: fast, efficient, focused, continuous, and so on – in achieving the blessings and glory of the night of Lailatul Qadr.

May Lailatul Qadr scalpers successfully win this year’s Ramadan…!!!

[Nasruddin; Dosen Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Filsafat]