UINSA Newsroom, Saturday (11/25/2023); Following the Circular Letter from the Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Number 28 of 2023 dated November 20, 2023, regarding the Flag Ceremony Commemorating Teachers’ Day 2023, UIN Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Surabaya held a ceremony at the Twin Towers Building Yard on Saturday, November 25, 2023. The ceremony was led by the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FTK) at UINSA Surabaya.

Prof. Dr. H. Muhammad Thohir, S.Ag., M.Pd., Dean of FTK UINSA, read the Minister of Religious Affairs’ address during this occasion. In his address, the Minister emphasized that teaching is a noble and dignified profession, and only the best individuals are chosen to become teachers.

“The highest appreciation is deserved by Indonesian teachers. Teachers are the nation’s guiding light, illuminating and enlightening every generation, leading the nation towards revival and progress,” said the Minister of Religious Affairs.

The Minister also asserted that in the face of increasingly complex challenges, teachers bear significant responsibility in shaping a resilient generation in line with religious and cultural values. The advancements in knowledge and technology, especially with the presence of artificial intelligence like Chat GPT, demand that teachers continue to be learners to nurture a competent younger generation capable of responding to contemporary global issues.

This aligns with the theme of the National Teachers’ Day in 2023, which is “Learning Teachers, Joyful Teaching,” reflecting the image of transformative teachers. Prof. Akh. Muzakki, M.Ag, Grad.Dip.SEA, M.Phil., Ph.D., UINSA’s Rector, expressed gratitude to the teachers who have been an inspiration to the nation’s youth after the ceremony.

“Your dedication has taught me that being a source of information is not enough. My existence today as a teacher must not lack exemplary behavior; it must not be without an example,” emphasized Prof. Muzakki.

The ceremony, attended by the entire management team, faculty members, and educational staff at UINSA Surabaya, was conducted solemnly with participants dressed in traditional Indonesian attire. Although simple, the weekend ceremony invited all elements of society to continue giving their best performance, echoing the struggles of teachers, often referred to as ‘unsung heroes.’ (Nur/Humas)

Editor: Nur Hayati Photo: MN. Cahaya Highlights: Rian