The UPPS Faculty of Psychology and Health team conducted a visitation on the first day of lectures for the odd semester 2023/2024

Gununganyar – (21/08/2023) The UPPS FPK Uinsa team monitors the readiness of students, lecturers, as well as the facilities and infrastructure that support lectures. The visitation activity which started at 08.00 began with visiting several classes that were conducting lectures.

During this visit, students and lecturers carried out lectures according to a predetermined schedule. In general, there are not many obstacles encountered at the start of lectures, however, some new students still experience confusion in finding classrooms according to the schedule. This is their process of adapting to a new campus environment and can be overcome by providing clearer guidance or information to new students.

On the other hand, semester 3 students seem more prepared to accept lectures because they have adapted and have more experience. Lecturers who teach courses also show discipline in carrying out their teaching duties. Subsequently, the classroom facilities were inspected and no problems were found. This shows that FPK pays attention to the comfort and readiness of lecture rooms.

You can see the students’ faces welcoming the start of lectures with great enthusiasm and arriving on time. This is a positive sign of enthusiasm for learning and student involvement in the learning process. Students’ enthusiasm and readiness to welcome lectures is a positive indicator of the effectiveness of the learning process.

“Students are expected to maintain their enthusiasm for learning,” concluded Dr. Suryani, S.Ag, S.Psi, M.Si as deputy dean 1 for academic and institutional affairs, who led the visitation and monitoring of the lecture. Messages like this can contribute to student enthusiasm and motivation in achieving academic achievements.

A good start to college has a positive impact in increasing students’ enthusiasm for learning and academic achievement. Positive initial experiences can form a strong foundation for students to remain motivated and achieve throughout the semester.

Writer: GKM-FPK
Editor: Sangaji