Student Parents Give Commitment to Students for the 2 Year SKS Program in a Forum Group Discussion with FPK UINSA.

Lamongan, (01/11/2023) – Continue to be committed to providing psychological assessment services at the Faculty of Psychology and Health in FGDs with the parents of class XI MAN 1 Lamongan. In this activity, the Psychology lecturer directly intervened in delivering the material, namely Dr. Jainudin, M. Si.

This activity was attended by students of class Dr. Jainudin, M. Si delivered material about average human IQ, average intelligent fish, and above average intelligence. Currently, students, especially the majority of high school students, are confused about what they will choose to continue to the next level. The choice is between studying, working while studying, or just working.

Early successful education usually starts with being very smart, smart, or even not at all. He said that what determines a person’s intelligence, success or failure, is the key which lies in perseverance and patience. There are 4 types of intelligence, namely IQ, EQ, SQAQ, and QQ. A person’s way of learning usually consists of 2 methods, the first is with the right brain which has functions in thinking, creativity, art & music, and intuition. Meanwhile, learning with another brain functions as analytics, logic, language, science. and mathematics.

Intellectual Intelligence or what is usually called IQ is intelligence built by the left brain. This intelligence includes linear, mathematical and systematic logical intelligence. This intelligence produces a precise, accurate, trustworthy and logical mindset. Meanwhile, emotional intelligence can enable someone to manage emotions and recognize the feelings of themselves and others.Dr. Jainudin, M. Si also explained the characteristics of FQ, namely self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills, indicator motivation, direction, and also steady. It doesn’t stop there, it turns out that spiritual intelligence is related to emotional & intellectual intelligence. IQ, EQ, and SQ greatly influence success.

There are several strategies explained before choosing a study program, the first is to recognize each other’s talents & interests. Second, you can have professional consultations with people who understand their field. Next is study program research, and finally consider career potential. Success also really depends on Allah’s blessing, parents’ prayers, teachers’ prayers, and finally, of course, efforts and prayers. Meanwhile, the FGD or Forum Group Discussion activity was led by Syafruddin Faisal Thohar, M. Psi.

There are lots of discussions here related to the phases of human learning, delivery of analysis of student intelligence & personality assessment results, types of students in learning, tips for students and parents, intensive communication between parents in parenting, and finally management. time.

From this FGD activity, it is hoped that the program that will be implemented can be carried out well, and that the collaboration that is taking place can continue to run smoothly and without any obstacles at all.

Writer: Najwa Laska Halqi
Editor: Muhamad Sangaji H