Happy 10th Anniversary of FPK UINSA! Always be happy

Gunung Anyar, Surabaya – (03/11/2023) Today, happiness is clearly etched on the face of the Faculty of Psychology and Health, Sunan Ampel State Islamic University, Surabaya (FPK UINSA). FPK celebrates their 10th anniversary with a spirit of togetherness. The event took place at the Faculty of Psychology and Health from 06.30 until finished.

The event started with a joint exercise session which was attended by the Academic Community, Staff and FPK Students. Their enthusiasm radiated when celebrating FPK’s 10th anniversary.
Dr. phil. Khoirun Niam, Dean of FPK, gave a meaningful speech by explaining that the number 10 in Javanese treasures has a special meaning as a sacred number that symbolizes happiness and luxury. Dr. Khoirun Niam also feels proud of the luxurious facilities and buildings that have become part of FPK UINSA.

The event continued with the symbolic cutting of the tumpeng by FPK deans, marking the official start of the 10th Anniversary. Music enlivened the atmosphere with performances from the Moesad band, Red Band, and UINSA Music Psychology.

Not only that, the participants of the 10th Anniversary have the opportunity to win various door prizes that are distributed, adding even more excitement to the event. More than that, various elements helped enliven this event by holding job fair stands, providing opportunities for students to seek information regarding their future careers.

Happy 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Psychology and Health! May happiness and success always accompany the FPK UINSA journey.

Writer: Muhamad Sangaji H
Editor: Ayda Zaqiyatunnisa