UINSA Newsroom, Thursday (12/07/2023); As part of the annual routine agenda, the Academic Division at UIN Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Surabaya conducted a Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on the Evaluation of New Student Admission Selection (SPMB): SPAN-PTKIN, UM-PTKIN, SNBP, SNBT, and Independent for the year 2023. The event was scheduled for Thursday to Saturday, December 7-9, 2023, in Yogyakarta.

Present at this event were the entire management team from the AAKK and AUPK Bureaus, Faculty Deans, Postgraduate Deans, and organizers of study programs at UINSA Surabaya. The Head of the Academic Section, H. Ahmad Firdausi, S.IP., M.Fil.I., explained that the event focused on UINSA Surabaya’s achievements in 2023, especially regarding new student admissions.

“We will also discuss what we will do in the admission of new students at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya in 2024,” said Ahmad Firdausi, especially with the opening of the Faculty of Medicine at UINSA Surabaya in 2024.

The Head of the Bureau of Academic Administration, Student Affairs, and Cooperation (AAKK), Dr. H. Mamat Salamet Burhanudin, M.Ag., explained in his report that, in addition to the Evaluation of SPMB 2023, the event will also include the Launching of the New Student Admission Management Agency led by Abdullah Rofiq Mas’ud, SK., MM.

“This event is indeed a necessity for us. First, as a university that plays a visible role in national education, we are part of the Higher Education that participates in the recruitment of new students nationally,” said Dr. Mamat.

There are six selection channels at UINSA Surabaya, continued the AAKK Bureau Chief, namely the National Achievement-Based Selection Channel (SNBP) and the Test-Based National Selection Channel (SNBT) for General Programs. The National Academic Achievement Selection Channel for State Islamic Higher Education (SPAN-PTKIN) and the Entrance Exam for State Islamic Higher Education (UM-PTKIN) for Religious Programs. And the Independent Selection Channel at UINSA Surabaya, both regular and achievement-based.

Having participated in national selection for almost nine years, UINSA Surabaya routinely conducts SPMB evaluations to assess whether the strategies implemented align with the needs of its student body. “If it is already in line, what needs to be improved? If it is not in line, then what strategies should we enhance?” added Dr. Mamat.

During this event, plans will also be formulated regarding the quota of new students in 2024, both recruited through conventional selection and the international student selection channel. “In addition to conducting evaluations, we also want to formulate administrative academic matters for the smooth running of learning in the coming semester,” said Dr. Mamat. This includes preparations for the PTKIN-BH, which is deemed necessary for mapping prospective students.

The event was officially opened by the Vice Rector for Academic and Institutional Affairs, Prof. Dr. H. Ali Mudlofir, M.Ag. In his address, Warek AK conveyed that this event is part of the quality assurance system of UINSA Surabaya. According to Warek AK, there are three important points in the event. First, the Evaluation of SPMB 2023. Second, Ensuring the maturity of data in the Higher Education Database (PDDIKTI). Third, The importance of creating a digitized classroom management.

“Hopefully, everything will be easy to discuss and we will be helped by Allah. We are all in good health and return to Surabaya with a clearer picture,” concluded Prof. Ali Mudlofir.

The opening ceremony on the first day of the event was followed by a discussion session on the Evaluation of SPAN-UM PTKIN Policies for the year 2023. This included the Evaluation of Registration Patterns, Selection Processes, Examination Processes, Evaluation of Questionnaire Instruments, and the Progress Report on the Achievement of Resolutions of the Plenary Session of the SPAN-UM PTKIN Evaluation Commission for the years 2022 and 2023. (Nur/Humas)

Reporting: Full Team Humas
Editor: Nur Hayati
Photos: MN Cahaya
Highlights: Rian