UINSA Newsroom, Tuesday (19/12/2023); On the occasion of the Monday morning assembly on December 18, 2023, the Rector of UINSA Surabaya conveyed several important highlights, especially related to what was conveyed by the assembly supervisor, led by Aslamiyah, S.E., M.M., Head of the Administration Section of the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (FEBI) at UIN Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Surabaya.

Located in the Auditorium Building of Campus A. Yani UINSA Surabaya, the Rector instructed all leaders to ensure the active participation of their wives in the activities of the Women’s Union (DWP). The Rector also reminded about the possibility of an increase in pneumonia and Covid-19 cases that had been widely reported some time ago. This opens up the possibility of imposing restrictions on activities in the future. “If the government says everyone should wear a mask, then all our activities at UINSA should use masks,” said Prof. Muzakki firmly.

The Rector also specifically asked the Vice Rector for AUPK Affairs to re-record the lecturers and educational staff who have not received the Covid-19 booster shot. “I hope by the middle of this week, in 2 days, I have already received data on who has not received the booster. Then we will strive for booster vaccinations in the clinic,” said Prof. Muzakki.

In addition, the Rector also addressed the decrease in the participation rate of female attendees in the morning assembly. The Rector hopes that the spirit of December as Women’s Month, due to two significant women’s commemorations (DWP Anniversary and Mother’s Day), will be a catalyst for greater activity.

“I invite all of you, if the assembly is in A. Yani, then all employees must come to the auditorium. Facilitate Zoom only for our employees in Gunung Anyar, and vice versa,” explained Prof. Muzakki. (Nur/Humas)

Editor: Nur Hayati Photo: MN. Cahaya