Gunung Anyar, Surabaya — (13/12/2023) The East Java Regional Revenue Agency (BAPENDA) assessment test series has ended, thank God everything went smoothly starting from the first day to the last day. Of course, this did not escape the cooperation of the committee, students from the Psychological Services Assessment Center (PALP) who were willing to become testers and accompany the participants, as well as those who worked behind the scenes so that this event could run well.

Several participants in this assessment test also provided testimonials after taking the psychological test at the Faculty of Psychology and Health, UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. Danar Izzudin, one of the participants from BAPENDA Probolinggo said that, “This psychological test aims to find out the character of an individual so that his or her competence, passion can be mapped, and can be used as career development material from that person’s position. This is a new experience for me in being an assessment experiment for the first time.”

Not only that, the representative from BAPENDA Lamongan, Yuni Serina, also conveyed her message and impressions. He said that, “I was happy to be able to do the psychological test at UINSA because the building was nice, clean, and when we entered we could immediately know where it was and not be confused. The officers also showed us every corner of the room. Of course we were also satisfied with undergoing the test and then we just had to wait the result.”

The final testimonial from Bayu Lukman S, one of the representatives of BAPENDA Kediri, stated that “The arrangement and location are good, the assessment exam place is also comfortable and cool. Thank you for providing sufficient space and we are very happy to be able to take the assessment exam at UINSA “.

Writer: Najwa Laska Halqi
Editor: M. Ata Zaidan