Achieving a successful percentage of studies is one of the targets that must be fulfilled by the falak science study program. In line with that, Wednesday (August 16, 2023) the study program coordinated with students of the 2017 falak science study program who had not completed their studies. There are 9 students who have not completed their studies. The activity entitled pursuing the percentage of study success is carried out through online media, considering that the 9 students on average live outside Surabaya, and some have already worked

The Study Program Coordinates with Falak Science Study Program Students to Pursue the Percentage of Successful Studies

The activity, which was guided by the secretary of the Falak Science Study Program, began with a briefing by the head of the Falak Science study program, Siti Tatmainul Qulub. In his direction he outlined the target time for completing the study. In addition, the head of the Falak Science study program also delivered a calendar of munaqosah exam weeks set by the faculty. The hope to be obtained by delivering the calendar, students who participate in this activity, understand important dates related to munaqosah.

The event continued with the delivery of the current position related to the final project of each student. Based on the student’s presentation, it was found that students have different final project positions. There are students who have not started from Chapter I. There are also students who are still in the process of taking their research data. In their presentation, students also conveyed the obstacles faced in completing the final project.

After the students conveyed their conditions and problems related to their final project, the event continued with taking solutions to the problems faced by the students. There are several suggestions and recommendations given by the Study Program to students. For example, related to the difficulty of students in collecting research data, the study program recommends changing the object of research while still coordinating with their supervisor.

On this opportunity, it was also agreed that students determine a routine schedule every week to the study program to convey the progress of their final project. In addition, it was also agreed that in early December the final project had been completed.