To push the completion of studies or what is often called as KTW (graduation on time), Islamic Studies Program conducted student monitoring for the cohort 2016. This class is of particular concern because it is at the end of the course period. Those who are now in semester 13, they only have 1 semester left to complete the program. If it goes away, they will be no longer registered as student or consequently drop out from the study. For this reason, the head of Islamic Studies Study Program, Dr. Rofhani, made a time line for each of one student batch 2016, so that it is hoped that not longer than April they can take the feasibility defenses, in May they will take the closed defense and open defense in June.

More than half of the students attended the zoom meeting on January 31, 2023 at 10.00 a.m. Hearing each one’s report, it gives a much hope that they on their way to complete dissertation writing. 20 students batch 2016 seem to fulfil all duties and will finish by next semester, inshaallah.