From Indonesia to Malaysia, These are the Faces of ICHOSPRO 2023 Speakers

Sidoarjo – (30/08/2023) The connection between climate change and mental health, which is rarely discussed by the public, was actually made an important issue by the speakers at ICOSHPRO 2023. With pride, the Faculty of Psychology and Health invited several great speakers to provide material related to health, both mental as well as physical.

The first resource person is Dr. Jamilah Hanum Abdul Khayiom is a Malay teacher. According to him, to maintain mental health, not only from yourself, but also through a community approach. One of them is Islamic Psychospiritual, or can be described as an Islamic Spiritual Enneneneritual Program for the Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems. “There are several types of community-based approaches that can be used as local or external support aimed at protecting or improving psychosocial well-being.” he said.

The Master’s Program lecturer at the Department of Psychology, International Islamic University, Malaysia also explained several links between climate change and health, especially increasing global temperatures and individual mental health. For example, if a disaster or disaster occurs in an area, the situation will definitely become chaotic and threaten health, both physically and mentally. If individuals witness changes to the landscape and ecosystem that are bad then anxiety, worsening emotions, and continuous sorrow become inevitable.

As soon as the first material was finished, a smile appeared on the bespectacled woman’s face when she gave the “Islamic Spiritual Enhancement Module” to Dr. Lufiana M.Sc. as Head of the UINSA Psychology Study Program.

The second resource person is Dr. Imran Agus Nurali Sp. KO. The man who serves as the Indonesian Medical Council explained the influence of global warming and ozone depletion on health. One example of global warming is drought, this can cause various kinds of unwanted diseases, such as; upper respiratory infections or asthma, dehydration, hunger and malnutrition, can even worsen an individual’s level of depression. This drought can be caused by climate deviations, disruption of hydrological balance, and agronomic drought.

The batik-wearing man said that there are several components that influence our health. The components in question are genetics/heredity as much as 5%, optimal health facilities (doctors, infrastructure) as much as 20%, environment as much as 45%, and behavior as much as 30%.

At the end of the event, the two speakers gave a few words about this event. Dr. Jamilah Hanum Abdul Khaiyom shared her impressions by saying, “This is a very good event of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya because once we organize this kind of event, people from different sectors elaborate with each other to transfer some knowledge and hopefully this will make us get know more about psychology and health issues.”

As for Dr. Imran Agus Nurali Sp. KO. said that, “ICOSHPRO is very good because the theme taken can cross between health, psychology and nutrition which are related to each other. The hope is that students in the future can develop more in both the psychology and nutrition sectors.”

At the end of the event, FPK lecturers gave souvenirs to the invited speakers. We hope that the Faculty of Psychology and Health can maintain good relations with the speakers, and that International Conference events will be held regularly every year.

Writer: Najwa Laska Halqi

Editor: Ayda Zaqiyatunnisa