FDK UINSA Newsroom; Saturday (28/10/2023); The Certification of Professional Hajj Ritual Guidance Batch IV, organized through the collaboration between the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication, UIN Sunan Ampel (FDK UINSA) Surabaya, and the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Services (Ditjen PHU) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, has officially concluded. The closing ceremony of the event, which commenced on Saturday (21/10), was held at the Swiss-Belinn Airport Hotel Surabaya on Friday (27/10).

Dr. Moch. Choirul Arif, S.Ag, M.Fill.I, the Dean of FDK UINSA, expressed gratitude that 95 participants have completed a lengthy process in their efforts to obtain certification as hajj guides.

“Their abilities are truly remarkable. Thank you all for coming; we apologize if what we did today might have been less than optimal, but we strive to do our best. Hopefully, what we’ve done receives blessings, health, and happiness. Hopefully, the certificates won’t take too long and can be used as soon as possible,” said the Dean of FDK in his address.

Likewise, the Director of Umrah and Special Hajj Development at the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Services, Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Drs. H. Nur Arifin, M.Pd, also advised the certification participants to maintain unity and solidarity among themselves.

“First, be active and committed, become ta good guide, and ensure satisfaction for those served. Second, put trust in Allah. Put in effort first, then trust in God’s plan. Whatever happens, there will be no resentment. Third, be grateful. We must be grateful, hopefully, we all pass the certification,” said Nur Arifin solemnly.

Drs. H. Ulul Azmi, SH, M.Hum, representing the participants, extends heartfelt gratitude, especially to the committee for bringing in exceptional speakers and serving the participants well.”

“The speakers were outstanding, highly intelligent, of exceptional quality, and very clear, incredibly competent, truly mastering both theory and practical aspects effectively and staying updated. The committee was also exceptional. It was incredibly satisfying, the content was rich, the meals were timely, and the schedule was on point,” expressed Ulul Azmi.

Journalist: Randi Abdel Azizi

Editor: Nur Romdlon

Translator : Fadya Majida Az-Zahra