UINSA Newsroom, Friday (08/12/2023); The opening ceremony on Thursday, December 7, 2023, marked the commencement of the Focused Group Discussion (FGD) for the Evaluation of the New Student Admission Selection (SPMB): SPAN-PTKIN, UM-PTKIN, SNBP, SNBT, and Independent for the year 2023. The event began with a discussion session on the Evaluation of the SPAN-UM PTKIN Policy in 2023.

The discussion session continued on the second day, Friday, December 8, 2023. The presentation was led by the Chairman of the Quality Assurance Institute (LPM), Dr. Ali Mustofa, M.Pd. Accompanied by the Secretary of LPM, Ahmad Yusuf, M.Kom., and the Head of the New Student Admission Management Agency, Abdullah Rofiq Mas’ud, SK., MM.

The first presentation was delivered by Dr. Lilik Huriyah, M.Pd.I., Coordinator of the Center for Scholarly Integration at LPM, regarding the Evaluation and Mechanism of the Independent Path, followed by the Evaluation and Strategies for Meeting the Ratio of Foreign Students with Fitriah, PhD., from the International Cooperation Service Center.

The discussion then proceeded with each unit’s input for the projection of New Student Admissions (PMB) in 2024, determining the quota based on the availability of lecturers and classrooms, as well as class management. This session was guided by Dr. H. Mohammad Hadi Sucipto, Lc., M.H.I., Coordinator of the Center for Development of Standards and Academic Quality Audit at LPM UINSA Surabaya.

This routine academic event was scheduled from Thursday to Saturday, December 7-9, 2023, in Yogyakarta. The participants included the entire management team from the AAKK and AUPK Bureaus, Faculty Deans, Postgraduate, and the organizers of study programs at UINSA Surabaya.

Other agenda items discussed intensively during this occasion included Admission and Promotion Services, and University Branding Strategies. Various suggestions and inputs from FGD participants were noted for evaluation and as references for future programs.

For instance, Deputy Rector for Academic and Institutional Affairs, Prof. Dr. H. Ali Mudlofir, M.Ag., suggested that the socialization process should start as early as possible, not only for final year students but also for those in the eleventh grade.

“In particular, for the five programs with low interest, we need to think about how to intervene in policies so that socialization can be done as early as possible. We can target MAN-PK, which I think is relevant to enter the less popular programs at UINSA,” said Prof. Ali Mudlofir.

This suggestion was well-received by the Deputy Rector for AUPK, Prof. Dr. Wiwik Setiyani, M.Ag., who explained that AUPK was ready to support programs from the Academic and Institutional Affairs as well as Student Affairs and Cooperation Divisions. “Essentially, those who have the programs are Vice Rectors 1 and 3, and we, Vice Rector 2, are ready to support in terms of budget and administration,” emphasized Prof. Wiwik.

Additional input was provided by Markus, S.Pd, M.MPd., Head of the Administration Section of the Faculty of Psychology and Health (FPK) at UINSA Surabaya. He emphasized the importance of reassessing UINSA Surabaya’s socialization patterns. “We need to understand how to manage social media favored by young people. Also, whether the door-to-door socialization pattern is no longer effective. That needs to be reassessed,” added Markus.

The Follow-Up Action Plan (RTL) and the Determination of Decision Results will be the closing agenda with the UINSA Surabaya Rector. This includes the Launching of the New Student Admission Services Agency. These events will be the culmination of the third day of the FGD for the Evaluation of the 2023 UINSA Surabaya SPMB on Saturday, December 9, 2023. (Nur/Humas)

Reportage: Full Team Humas
Editor: Nur Hayati
Photo: MN Cahaya
Highlights: Rian