UINSA Newsroom, Thursday (23/11/2023); International students from 10 countries currently studying at UIN Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Surabaya participated in the ‘International Culture Day’ event organized by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) on Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

They are freshmen from the 2023 cohort hailing from various countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. African representatives come from Gambia, Somalia, and Nigeria. From Asia, there are representatives from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Timor Leste. Meanwhile, from Europe, a student from Turkey represents the continent.

Prof. Akh. Muzakki, Ph.D., the UINSA Rector, in his welcome address, emphasized the importance of understanding diversity as part of sunnatullah. “Diversity is life and life is diversity. No diversity, no life,” he began his speech.

“It is impossible to have life without diversity, and without diversity, there will be no life. That’s roughly the free interpretation. Your presence here to observe, understand, and celebrate diversity is essential,” he added.

The International Culture Day activities were packed for a day. Some key events included a talk show, art performance, and exhibition. The talk show was attended by Vice Consul Jepang Nakagome Kota, General Manager TETO Taiwan Issac Chiuu, and Consul Belarusia in Surabaya. They discussed the culture and linguistic diversity in their respective countries, as well as how to maintain relationships.

In addition to being speakers at the talk show, the consuls also served as judges for the art performance and exhibition, consisting of 10 booths from all continents. These booths presented food from all continents, such as Australian cake, Turkish kebabs, Scandinavian salad, Pakistani fruit drinks, and an Indian-style dinner. They were displayed and sold to visitors to be enjoyed.

In the art performance, International Relations students from the international class who portrayed the power transition in Italy during the Mussolini era emerged as winners. They demonstrated various ways of ruling during Mussolini’s fascist regime.

Not to be left out, representatives of Turkish students presented singing and dancing. Students from Nigeria shared the story of Cano City—one known as a cultural hub. Meanwhile, students from Afghanistan showcased traditional Pashtun clothing. They represented three continents with diverse attractions.

Students from Turkey presented traditional Istanbul song Barburi—a student of International Relations at FISIP—expressed his joy at the event, which he considered fantastic. Meanwhile, Mustaqim from Gambia and Maryam from Thailand were pleased to attend the International Culture Day event as it allowed them to learn about the cultural differences of each country.

This annual event by FISIP concluded with awards for the best art performance and exhibition booths. Riris, the Head of the International Relations Study Program, expressed that the International Culture Day event in 2024 might be made more festive by showcasing booths from various countries. “This is based on several requests from friendly countries that also want to be part of this event. Hopefully, it will be even more successful in the coming years,” she concluded. (Ach)

Report: FISIP
Editor: Nur Hayati