UINSA Newsroom, Friday (15/12/2023); “Sunan Giri is a student of Sunan Ampel. Therefore, it is fitting if the students of Sunan Giri High School later pursue their studies at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya,” said Ahmad Khairul Hakim, S.Ag, M.Si., during the visit of Sunan Giri High School students from Menganti Gresik to UIN Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Surabaya on Thursday, December 14, 2023. The visit took place in the Amphitheater Room of the Twin Towers Building, Campus A. Yani, UINSA Surabaya. As a lecturer in the Da’wah Management Study Program at the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication (FDK) UINSA, he was present to provide motivation to all participants to be enthusiastic in pursuing higher education.

Also welcoming the visitors on this occasion were Mochamad Farid Syihabuddin, S.Ag., Coordinator/Head of the Student Affairs Team, and Dr. Hasbullah Hilmi, S.Ag, S.S, MHI, Sub Coordinator of the Public Relations and Information Department. The Coordinator/Head of the Student Affairs Team, in his welcome speech, expressed greetings to the entire delegation from SMA Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik.

The Coordinator/Head of the Student Affairs Team also introduced UINSA Surabaya, which is located in two places, namely Campus A. Yani and Gunung Anyar. Both campuses, according to the Coordinator/Head of the Student Affairs Team, are built with the distinctive Twin Towers symbolizing the integration of exact sciences with religion. “We welcome you and apologize if there is anything lacking in our welcome,” said Mochamad Farid.

Meanwhile, the Head of SMA Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik, Dra. Hj. Siti Muniro, in her speech representing the school, expressed gratitude for the welcome given by UINSA Surabaya. This visit was carried out to provide information to the students about the world of Higher Education. She also hoped that her students would be motivated to pursue higher education, especially at UINSA Surabaya.

“Because our school is in the village, where only 30-50 percent on average continue to college,” explained Hj. Siti Muniro.

In addition to motivation, during this visit, the students from SMA Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik were also provided with various information related to UINSA Surabaya. This included details about the study programs available at UINSA, the selection process for new students, various scholarships offered at UINSA, and the basic needs that prospective students need to prepare for when applying to higher education. (Nur/Humas)

Editor: Nur Hayati
Photo Editor: MN. Cahaya
Highlight: Rian