On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the International Office, Cooperation, Institutional & Public Relations team, and Admission Centre team welcomed the representatives from UIN Imam Bonjol. The visit done in the meeting room of Vice Rector 3 aims to exchange knowledge and best practices about managing an international office, hastening academic institutions’ internationalisation, and attracting foreign students.

Maulana Assegaf and Fitriah Asad, who represented the International Office team, gave a comprehensive overview of all the projects and programmes that have been implemented to support internationalisation. The interactive discussion facilitated a productive interchange of ideas and strategies, strengthening internationalisation. UIN Imam Bonjol and UIN Sunan Ampel both reiterate their steadfast dedication to promoting an academic environment that is both culturally diverse and globally linked. Our commitment to internationalisation stems from the conviction that exposing students and faculty to a variety of perspectives, ideas, and cultural practices improves their overall educational experience.

Fitriah gave an overview of three recently launched programs—East Java Exploration, UINSA Culture Immersion, and Youth Camp, for example—that have the potential to attract foreign students quickly. These three programmes have the capacity to promote collaboration and cross-cultural interchange between teachers and students. It is crucial to remember that planned foreign programmes should have defined goals and can be used to support faculties’ accreditation. For this reason, the syllabus should allow for a variety of faculties, and the topics covered should be pertinent to the course of study. Although UINSA’s efforts are still far from ideal, we are eager to keep learning and developing the programme in terms of its facilities, resources, programme quality, and other elements that support internationalization’s success. However, UINSA is prepared to accept foreign students for both degree-granting and non-degree-granting programmes.

Our dedication transcends national boundaries as we embrace partnerships with other institutions, such as UIN Imam Bonjol. We are excited to forge enduring relationships, promote cross-cultural learning, and further the global community’s quest for knowledge as we move forward on this adventure. Together, let’s build a top-notch educational system for the country’s future. (Fitriah As’ad)