Third day of student orientation: There were parody performances and impromptu fashion shows, DEMA FPK was considered successful in implementing PBAK from start to finish

Gunung Anyar, Surabaya—(16/08/2023)

Still with burning enthusiasm, new students from the Faculty of Psychology and Health (FPK students) participated in the entire series of Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK) activities on the third day. The hot weather did not necessarily dampen their solidarity and enthusiasm, coupled with the relaxed activities, this event became more enjoyable.

The first material with the theme “Exploring the Potential Talent Interests of FPK New Students 2023” was presented by Dr H. Jainudin, M.Si. The FPK lecturer called two new student representatives to come to the stage and show their talents. One of them showed his poetry skills, while the other showed his talent in singing the song “Rungkad” which was followed by enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

The second material was continued by Lucky Abrrory, S. Psi, M. Si. After giving a little material about Personal Branding, there was something unique where the FPK Lecturer called all the heads of each group that got a lot of stars—namely groups of 5, 10, and 15—to do a Fashion Show. Even though they were hesitant at first, in the end they did it hilariously and were followed by laughter from their friends.

Another thing that is no less interesting is the inauguration of 18 groups. Each group presented a cool inauguration which was quite entertaining for their friends and also the committee. Starting from singing together, musicalizing poetry, a compilation of performances starting with pencak silat, then continuing with traditional dance accompanied by various regional songs, then showing several types of traditional games, continued with a little colonial drama, and finally closed with an emotional poetry reading . This anti-mainstream inauguration succeeded in making the audience entertained.

Apart from that, there was also an inaugural performance that parodied PBAK miscellaneous things. Starting from parodying the committee which was busy arranging freshmen, freshmen who arrived late and were punished for singing in front of their friends, as well as imitating one of the committees whose characteristics the new students had already memorized. The inauguration drew laughter from the committee because of the accuracy of their roleplay.

The PBAK event was officially closed by the Dean of FPK at exactly 16.00 WIB. Several new student representatives were called to the front to convey their impressions and messages during PBAK which was held for 3 consecutive days. The impressions they conveyed were different, but what was most impressive was that they were very happy because PBAK was not as scary as imagined, and the committee in charge was considered to have no seniority. One of them even shed tears after conveying his impressions and messages because PBAK was running smoothly and the committee always cared about them.

After that, it continued with a gift exchange event between new students, then the announcement of the best and most favorite videos. It doesn’t stop there, there are also several individual nominations for PBAK FPK participants. Among them are the most ambitious participants, the most exciting participants, and the most astaghfirullah participants. Participants who received the nomination were given prizes by the committee in the form of snack parcels.

There’s no end to giving prizes, the committee also gives rewards to groups that make the most creative videos and also the craziest videos. The most creative video was won by group 12, while the coolest video was won by group 10. The prize for the best group was finally given to group 15 for their success in achieving many stars.

By sunset, the PBAK series of events had completely ended, but the committee still had a few surprises for the new students. They gathered together in a circle, then sang the song sayonara, and took photos together. Until the new students return home, they will be escorted to the front gate by the committee to ensure that all participants are safe.

Maybe your PBAK is over, but this is the beginning of the real learning journey. Always success, new students of the Faculty of Psychology and Health!

Writer: Najwa Laska Halqi
Editor: Ayda Zaqiyatunnisa