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Why Indonesian Literature?

Indonesian Literature UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya

Established in 2018, the Indonesian Literature Undergraduate Study Program provides a learning space to see how Indonesian language and literature have an important role in everyday life. Literature is not just reading and writing, but is very close to other cultural products, and there is no daily activity without using language.

The Bachelor of Indonesian Literature program consists of fields of study such as Language and Literature which are part of the Humanities Cluster which are interrelated and continue to be studied and developed through curriculum redesign which is carried out every five years to align with scientific developments and socio-cultural dynamics. A number of courses such as Dramaturgy, Folklore, Lexicography, Language Editing, Text Preservation, Poetry Writing, Rhetoric, and Semiotics equip students with the ability to read and study language, literature, and manuscript phenomena, as well as the ability to produce creative products.

As part of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities, the Indonesian Literature Undergraduate Study Program is supported by adequate facilities to carry out offline and online learning. Students also have the opportunity to optimize their social skills through various activities in student organizations.

Located in Surabaya as the capital city of East Java Province, the S1 Indonesian Literature Study Program provides opportunities for students to come into direct contact with multicultural activities and dynamics as well as local cultural heritage. This strategic location also allows students to build networks with academics, practitioners, and literary/art communities.




Jl. Dr. Ir. Soekarno No. 682 Gunung Anyar, Surabaya 60294