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HIMAPRO Sastra Indonesia

Indonesian Literature Study Program Student Association, Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya, Term of Office 2023
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Indonesian Literature Student Association, Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya, Term of Office 2023
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UINSA Indonesian Literature Student Association is a student organization at Sunan Ampel Surabaya State Islamic University which focuses on developing the quality of Indonesian Literature students. HIMAPRO Indonesian Literature as a forum for developing the potential of Indonesian Literature students.


Making Indonesian Literature as a competitive study program, critical reasoning, to be able to make other superior contributions.


1. Making Indonesian Literature HMP administrators who are loyal to the organization.
2. Maximizing the potential that exists in Indonesian Literature human resources.
3. Always build the characteristics of UIN-based Indonesian Literature.

Indonesian Literature HIMAPRO Executive Board

The Daily Executive Board consists of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary I, secretary II, treasurer I, and treasurer II. BPH is the body responsible for managing the main and overall management performance as well as coordinating and developing the Association’s work program.

Indonesian Literature HIMAPRO Department

The Information and Communication Department serves as a forum for non-academic and academic information on UINSA Indonesian Literature which is packaged creatively through a design. In addition, this department is also a bridge to build relationships both from internal and external associations.

The Student Advocacy and Welfare Department is tasked with providing advocacy and accommodating student aspirations, regarding academic problems and scholarship information. As well as being a pioneer for the welfare of the community and Indonesian Literature students.

The Intellectual Department is tasked with providing academic facilities for Indonesian literature and language in the form of a forum for receptivity, productivity, and creativity based on the critical value of reasoning for Indonesian Literature students.

The PSDM Department is tasked with accommodating, developing and optimizing the talents of UINSA Indonesian Literature students in academic and non-academic fields so that they become creative and innovative students in all fields of entrepreneurship.

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