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Faculty of Da'wa and Communication


To Become a Leading Center for Transformative Dawah at The International Level Based on Research and Information Technology


  1. Conducting education and teaching in th field of da’wa and communication based on research and information technology
  2. Developing international scale da’wa and communication research 
  3. Developing community service pattterns based on science, research, spitituality and local wisdom

About Faculty of Da'wa and Communication

Establish as the “Faculty of Da’wa and Communication”, The faculty has 5 study programs, including communication  Communication and Islamic Broadcasting, Communication Science, Islamic Guidance and Counseling, Islamic Community Development, and Da’wah Management. On Saturday, 22 Muharram 1391 H/March 20, 1971 AD, the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia officially received the handover of the work results of the IAIN Sunan Ampel Da’wah Faculty Opening Committee.

Program Studi

Islamic guidance and counseling provides a framework for individuals to address their personal, social, and spiritual challenges in a way that is consistent with islamic values and principles

Da’wa management study is a field of studies that focuses on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of da’wa activities

Islamic Community Development is a field of study that focuses on the appliation of islamic principles to address the social, economic and cultural challenges faced by Muslim communities

The field of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting combines the study of communication theories and practices with islamic studies

Communication Science is the field of study that investigates how human and other communicative agents create, process, and share information


Closer to the Faculty of Da'wa and Communication

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Organizational Structure

Selayang Pandang

Dean of the Faculty of Da’wa and CommunicationDr. Moch. Choirul Arif, S.Ag., M.Fil.I
Vice Dean for Academic and Institutional AffairDr. Moh. Ansori, S.Ag., M.Fil.I
Vice Dean of Administration, Planning, and FinanceDr. Ries Dyah Fitriyah, M.Si
Vice Dean for Student Affair and CooperationDr. H. Abdullah Sattar, S.Ag., M.Fil.I
Head of the Administrative DepartementHasymiyatul Mukriyati, S.Ag., MM
Head of the General Administration and Human Resources 
Head of the Planning, Accounting, and Finance SubdivisionDa’watul Khoiriyah, S.Ag
Head of the Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni SectionMuhmmad Nasir, S.H.I., M.E.
Head of the Communication DepartementAdvan Navis Zubaidi, S.ST., M.Si.
Secretary of the Communication DepartementAriza Qurrata A’yun, S.Ikom., M.Med.Kom.
Head of the Communication and Islamic BroadcastingDr. Sokhi Huda, M.Ag.
Secretary of the Communication and Islamic BroadcastingRozaqul Arif, M.Sos.I.
Head of the Communication Science ProgramMuchlis, S.Sos.I., M.Si.
Secretary of the Communication Science ProgramDr. Fikry Zahria Emmeraldien, S.I.kom.,MA.
Head of Da’wah DepartementDr. Lukman Fahmi, S.Ag., M.Pd.
Secretary of Da’wah DepartementDr. Psi. Hj. Mierrina, M.Si.
Head of the Islamic Community and Development ProgramYusria Ningsih, S.Ag., M.Kes.
Secretary of the Islamic Community and Development ProgramNihlatul Falasifah, MT.
Head of the Da’wa Management ProgramAhmad Khairul Hakim, S.Ag., M.Si.
Secretary of the Da’wa Management ProgramYunita Ardilla, S.Kom., M.M.T.
Head of the Islamic Guidance and Counseling ProgramDr. Muhammad Thohir, S.Pd.I., M.Pd.I.
Secretary of the Islamic Guidance and Counseling ProgramAmriana, S.Sos.I, M.Pd.
Head of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Da’wa and CommunicationAbu Amar Bustomi, M.Si.

Program Accreditation

Name of the Study Program


No. SK


Expirate Date

Islamic Guidance and Counseling





Da’wa Management





Islamic Community and Development





Islamic Communication and Broadcasting





Communication Science








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