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International Student Admission Form

For you, International Students

International Student Application Form

There are two registration pathways available: Degree program and Non-Degree program. Each pathway offers unique opportunities for academic pursuits and personal development.

*Degree Program Form download here
*Non-Degree Program Form download here

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Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and lengthy procedures, as we strive to provide a seamless and efficient application experience for prospective students.

Admission Flow

International Students Applying to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs: Foreign students interested in applying to UINSA must meet the following requirements:

1. Download and complete an application form Above

To apply, simply download the application form provided above and fill it out completely.

2. Along with the application form, please include the following documents:

a. Certified copy of the applicant’s high school diploma or equivalent, endorsed and authorized by the governmentof the applicant’s home country;

b. Copy of Passport/ID card;

c. Copy of your academic transcript;

d. Curriculum vitae; (Download Tempelate)

e. Recommendation letter from Embassy or Consulate;

f. Motivation Letter; (Download Tempelate);

g. Police Clearence from the authority of origin country;

h. Copy of the TOEFL or IELTS certificate or TOAFL (for non-Arabic students);

i. Recent formal photo (4 x 6 sized).

All following documents Must be submitted to email io@uinsby.ac.id

3. Candidate’s eligibility for LOA

A list of inquiries will be distributed to obtain recommendations regarding the candidate’s eligibility for LOA.

4. Letter of Acceptance Notification

IO will then send you an email indicating whether or not UINSA is able to offer you a letter of acceptance.

5. Facilitator and Sponsor of study permit

Once an applicant is admitted, UINSA acts as the applicant’s facilitator or sponsor during the applicant’s study period in Indonesia.

6. Study Permit Application

The university will then submit an application to the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs for the applicant’s study permit.

7. Study Permit and Visa Assistance

Following the issuance of the study permit, the university will assist you in obtaining a limited stay visa (VITAS) from the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulatein your country. Please keep in mind that obtaining a study permit and visa will take at least three/four months. UINSA’s International office will gladly assist you with the above requirements