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To become a center for developing an excellent and competitive nutritional science in implementing halal toyyiban principles in 2030.


  1. Providing education in nutritional science that is an excellent, competitive, and able to implement Halal toyyiban principles.
  2. Developing and organizing research in nutritional science based on halal toyyiban principles.
  3. Developing and organizing research based community service in nutrition that is relevant to community needs.

About Nutrition Programs

The Nutrition Study Program is a new study program that officially become part of the Faculty of Psychology and Health in 2022. The Nutrition Study Program curriculum uses the MBKM system based on AIPGI’s body of knowledge and has competencies and a code of ethics. Graduates of the Undergraduate Nutrition Study Program at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya play a role in society in overcoming nutritional problems by applying halal and toyyib principles.

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Subjects of Nutrition Study Programs

  1. Arabic 
  2. English
  3. Study of Al Qoor’an
  4. Study of Hadist
  5. Introduction to Nutrition Science
  6. Pancasila
  7. Introduction to Islamic Studies
  8. Citizenship
  9. Bahasa Indonesia Study
  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Health Statistics
  4. Philosophy Science
  5. Biology
  6. Food Science
  7. Psychology of Nutrition
  8. Basic Chemistry
  9. Public Health Science
  10. Socioanthropology Nutrition
  1. Foof Chemistry
  2. Energy Metabolism and Macronutrient 
  3. Assessment of Nutrition status
  4. Life Cycle Nutrition 1
  5. dietetic culinary 1
  6. food service management 1
  7. Pathophysiology of Disease (PM & PTM)
  8. Functional food
  9. Food Consumption Assessment
  1. Energy Metabolism and Micronutrient
  2. Dietetic Culinary 2
  3. Life Cycle Nutrition 2
  4. food processing and preservation
  5. Sports Nutrition 
  6. Health Communication
  7. Food Service Management 2
  8. Drug and Food Interactions
  9. Food and Nutrition Ecology
  10. Food Quality and Safety
  11. Nutritional Epidemiology
  1. Dietetics of Infectious Diseases and Deficiencies
  2. Nutritional Counseling
  3. Food Technology Science
  4. Nutrition Research Methodology
  5. Halal Fiqh 1
  6. Nutrition Program Management
  7. Food Services Industry Management
  8. Elective Subject 1
  9. Elective Subject 2
  1. Halal Fiqh 2
  2. Clinical Nutrition (Clinical Job Training)
  3. Food Service Management (Food Service Industry Management Job Training)
  4. Community Nutrition (Community Nutrition Job Training)
  5. Current Issues in nutrition
  6. Health Promotion
  7. Nutritional Entrepreneurship
  1. Community Service Programs
  2. study program based service publications
  3. nutrigenomics
  4. Elective Subject 3
  5. Thesis