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Being an excellent Psychology Study program, competitive, and international stardard based on islamic values


  1. Organizing and managing education that integrates psychology  with Islamic sciences
  2. Developing integrative research in the field of psychology that is relevant to the needs of society and in accordance with Islamic values
  3. Developing research-based community empowerment patterns in the field of psychology that are relevant to local wisdom and Islamic values
  4. Organizing study program governance transparently and accountably based on information technology
  5. Building community trust and developing cooperation with local, national and international institutions

About Psychology Study Program

The psychology study program is a study program born from the Faculty of Da’wah in line with the granting of the Wider Mandate by the Ministry of Religion and refers to the letter of the Director General of Higher Education dated July 19, 2001 with No. 241/D/T/2001 regarding the Follow-up of the Wider Mandate, Sunan Ampel State Institute for Islamic Studies is allowed to submit a proposal for the opening of a general study program as follows : Bachelor of Psychology (concentration in Psychology of Religion), Bachelor of Communication Science (concentration of Religious Communication), Bachelor of Sociology (concentration of Sociology of Religion). On November 29, 2001 through Decree No. E/283/2001 signed by the Director General of Islamic Religious Institutional Development. Permission for the Implementation of the Psychology, Sociology and Communication Studies Study Program was officially granted.

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Subjects of Psychology Study Program

1st Semester
  1. Bahasa Indonesia Studies
  2. Pancasila
  3. Citizenship Studies
  4. Introduction to Islamic Studies
  5. Hadith Studies
  6. Qur’an Studies
  7. General Psyhcology
2nd Semester
  1. Philosophy of Science
  2. Moral Theology
  3. Islamic Law Studies
  4. Developmental Psychology
  5. History and Flow of Perspectives of Psychology
  6. Physiological Psychology
  7. Personality Psychology
  8. Social Psychology
  9. Mental Health
  10. Statistics
3rd Semester
  1. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  2. Cognitive Psychology
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Basics of Counseling
  5. Introduction to Psychodiagnostics
  6. Islamic Psychology
  7. Biopsychology
  8. psychometrics
  9. Interviews and Observations
  10. Educational Psychology
  11. Code of Ethics
4th Semester
  1. Psychological Empowerment I
  2. Preparation of Psychological Measuring Instruments
  3. Psychodiagnostics I (Cognitive)
  4. Quantitative Research Methodology
  5. Abnormal Psychology
  6. Community Psychology
  7. Communication Psychology
  8. Behavior Modification
  9. Personal Development and Communication Skills
5th Semester
  1. Psychological Empowerment II
  2. Psychodiagnostics II
  3. Qualitative Research Methodology
  4. Experimental Psychology
  5. Psychological Intervention : Individuals and Communities
  6. Health Psychology
  7. Forensic Psychology
  8. Cyber Psychology
  9. Consumer Psychology

Elective Subjects at 6th Semester

Majoring in Islam & Mental Health
  1. Islamic Psychological Intervention
  2. Positive Psychology
  3. Islamic Parenting
  4. Psychology of Religion
  5. Environmental Psychology
  6. Cultural Psychology
  7. Human Resource Development
  8. Learning Theories
  9. Training Design
  10. Entrepreneurship
Majoring in Learning & Educational Psychology
  1. Child and Adult Learning
  2. Education for Children with Special Needs
  3. School Guidance and Counseling
  4. Learning Theories
  5. Human Resource Development
  6. Need Analysis and Problem Solving
  7. Training Design
  8. Positive Psychology
  9. Islamic Parenting
  10. Cultural Psychology
Majoring in Contemporary Social Psychology & Empowerment
  1. Environmental Psychology
  2. Psychology of Aged
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Training Design
  5. Need Analysis and Problem Solving
  6. Positive Psychology
  7. Psychology of Religion
  8. Cultural Psychology
  9. Human Resource Development
  10. Islamic Psychological Intervention
Majoring in Human Resources & Organizational Psychology
  1. Human Resource Development
  2. Need Analysis and Problem Solving
  3. Training Design
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Cultural Psychology
  6. Environmental Psychology
  7. Positive Psychology
  8. Work Psychology
  9. Psychology of Aged
  10. Islamic Psychological Intervention
7th Semester
  1. Publication of Study Program Knowledge-Based Community Service
  2. Community Service Program
  3. Thesis