The objective of the BoME Study Program is to produce graduates with competence including Mathematics Teacher, Research Assistant in the field of Mathematics Education, Edupreneur who are able to compete internationally, which can be described as follow:

1.  Graduates who are competent, qualified and having the sufficient knowledge on mathematics for teaching secondary school level and skills to use relevant technology in teaching. The roles of the graduate include planning the learning activities, designing the instructional material and media, teaching Mathematics and assessing students’ learning achievement. They are also role models in maintaining good and effective communication and interpersonal relations with others.


2.  The graduates of BoME are able to conduct research activities including data collection, processing, analysis and data presentation in objective and systematic ways, particularly in the area of modification and application of learning tools, integrating Islamic values in mathematics education, ethnomathematics and realistic mathematics. They are also able to present the research findings in seminars and publish them in journal articles, books or produce other research outputs from research and development.


3.  The graduates of the Mathematics Education Study Program are capable of developing and managing innovative and high quality mathematics education programs for secondary school level. The skills include planning, running and evaluating business related to mathematics education programs.